September Potluck – Great food, good times!

Desserts The desserts were a big hit!

If you hadn’t heard of a plant-based diet before, you could be forgiven for thinking a meal might consist of lettuce leaves and spinach.  But when 20 or so people got together to share good food at Wednesday’s potluck they did a fantastic job of showcasing the variety and deliciousness of a plant-based diet.  It’s awesome to see vegetarians, vegans, flexitarians, pescetarians and omnivores all enjoying great food together and there was some wonderful feedback about how amazing the food was, especially from those who were new to plant-based dishes.  The myth that meals without meat are bland and not filling was well and truly busted!

We want to thank everyone for coming along and for your hard work making such tasty dishes.  We had a great night, and hope you all did too!

-Hayley & Jennie

For full photo album visit our facebook page – September potluck photos

September Potluck

September Potluck


The desserts were a big hit!

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