2020 Top 10 Locals’ Picks

2020 may not have been the best (ok, that’s a serious understatement…), but the vegan food in Whistler was amazing!

Every year we ask the Whistler Vegans Facebook Group to vote on their favourite places to get vegan food in Whistler. Each year we have more vegan options, and they just keep getting better and better.

Inspired by the desire to help fight climate change, Whistler restaurants are offering more vegan options and special deals to entice people to try climate-friendly, plant-based dishes. RMU has regular specials on their vegan dishes, the Dubh Linn Gate offered a fully vegan tasting menu, Milestones has recently added more options, including a vegan breakfast (with scrambled tofu, vegan sausage and roast potatoes), vegan huevos rancheros, and a vegan chocolate ganache torte. And a first for Whistler was a fully vegan Christmas dinner! We’ve waited a looong time for this and Alta Bistro was the first restaurant to include vegans in their Christmas dinner offerings. Thank you, Alta Bistro!

BReD Vegan Bakery

We’re stoked to see BReD at number one on the top ten for 2020, because their commitment to animals and the environment is truly inspiring. What better way to change hearts and minds than through incredibly delicious, plant-based treats!

The Green Moustache continues to rock it out with their tasty and nutritious meals, juices and desserts and added even more dishes to their menu this year, including a breakfast wrap, donair and burrito bowl.

(Note that we separated out Harajuku and Ohyama Ramen because they had stopped allowing people to order the ramen from Harajuku but apparently you can again now.)

Honourable mention goes to La Cantina because we forgot to add them to the initial list which means they might have received less votes (sorry, La Cantina!) and their vegan tacos are amazing.

We’re so thrilled to see the growth in vegan options in Whistler over the last few years. No longer are vegans in Whistler limited to having pasta and sauce or a quinoa salad, now we have vegan burgers, sausages, pizza, sushi, cakes and so much more to choose from. Thank you, Whistler!

Find out more about vegan options in Whistler on our restaurants page. Happy Dining!

Whistler Vegan Top Ten
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