Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary Visit

I had the pleasure of taking my parents to The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary this week! The sanctuary is just outside of Vancouver and about 2.5 hours drive from Whistler. Stephen and Diane, the owners, have rescued dogs, cats, goats, cows, pigs, a donkey, a turkey and many chickens and ducks. Most of these animals were rescued from the meat industry, destined to be eaten by humans, and would not be alive today if it weren’t for Stephen and Diane’s huge, kind hearts.

Set in the beautiful Aldergrove countryside this small farm sanctuary is a peaceful haven for these animals to live out the rest of their lives being loved and cared for. Visiting The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary is a wonderful experience and really makes you think about how these animals are no different to the dogs and cats we share our own homes with. Being able to get up close and spend time with the animals enables you to get to know them and see their personalities. I highly recommend a visit for everyone and it’s a great place to take the kids to teach them about animals, nature and compassion. And unlike petting zoos these animals won’t be sent off to auction at the end of the season, so you can bring the kids back time and time again to see the animal friends they have grown to love like their dogs and cats.

A big thank you to Stephen and Diane for a fantastic afternoon at your beautiful home with your animal family. And thank youΒ for all the incredible work that you do saving lives and spreading compassion!


This is Scooter. He was rescued from the dairy industry and was very sick as he’d been taken away from his mother at 1 day old so that the milk meant for him could be sold to people. He was very sick because of he didn’t receive his mother’s milk and Diane and Stephen spent the next three months nursing him back to health. (If you’re wondering what my t-shirt says, it reads, “I love animals too much to eat them.”)


Desi enjoying a scratch from my Dad.

I can’t remember who is who, so here we have either Farley, Mowat or Finnegan goats and sheep Casey in the background. When I first met Casey she was very shy but her confidence has grown so much since I last saw her. Lovely to see her settled into her new and loving home.


Beautiful Desi.


This is Percy pig. He lived inside the family home for 13 years but suddenly decided this summer he’d like to try camping out in the barn for the summer months!


Enjoying a cuddle with Sparky! (Desi and Sparky are the same breed of cow and look very similar, but Sparky is smaller and I think this is Sparky.)


Tucker is new to the family and only arrived this week. He seemed to be settling in nicely and was hanging out with the chickens and Percy.


Baby the donkey! I think she wants to take a selfie.


Baby enjoys the company of 2 of the pigs, Lucy and Betty. It was a hot day so they said hello to us for a bit and then went back to the shade.


I was very excited to be this close to one of the chickens, as they’d never been so close before. I thought perhaps she’d like to say hello, but then I realised I was in between her and her food, so perhaps she was asking me to kindly step out of the way!


This is Betty. She was too shy to say hello last time I was at the sanctuary, but this time I was thrilled that she let me give her a belly rub!


This is Lucy. Looks like my little chicken friend was happy to share some food with her. It’s wonderful to see all the different species happily hanging out with each other at the sanctuary. (They could teach humans a thing or two!)


The sanctuary is a really beautiful setting. After saying hello to the animals we sat in the shade under a tree and watched the ducks having a bath in the koi pond.


One of the ducks had recently had some babies. Walker the dog is keeping a protective watchful eye over the little ducklings.


Whistler’s Freed Food Society donated some produce for us to take to the sanctuary and before we ended our visit we helped Diane to feed the animals.


Lucy eyeing up an apple my Mum is getting ready for her!


“Did I hear somebody say ‘food’?!”


“Yeah I’m pretty sure I heard somebody say ‘food’ too!”


Pattycakes (the “geep” on the right) and Norman the lamb. They are recent rescues to the shelter and were in rough shape when they arrived. Both are doing well and settling in nicely to their forever home.

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