Business Listings

Looking for a vegan or plant-based business in the Sea to Sky? Check out the listings below.

Julia Murray, RHN

Olympic athlete turned nutritionist and vegan influencer, Julia Murray can help you with all your plant-based nutrition needs. Check her out at Hooked on Plants (recipes + tips), 80/20 Plants (veg transition app), and Whistler Vegan Fest the Podcast. She works with local Stay Wyld Medicinal Mushroom company too!

Dave Nabi, Accountant

Accounting (QuickBooks), tax, business advisory services using a social enterprise model. Free services during pandemic for sole proprietors.

Martin Weintritt, Personal Trainer

My name is Martin and I’m vegan personal trainer. If you’re looking to get smaller, bigger, leaner, flexible or all over improve your lifestyle to be healthy and feel good… I’m your guy. You won’t listen to “where do you get protein” or “vegans are weak” or any of those “eye-roll-gems”.

You can find me in Whistler Core gym and feel free to come and have chat so we can sort your goals and get that carve longer, split board higher and just slay the hills harder.

One hour private PT sessions, buddy sessions, small groups… I’m all about flexibility. You can check me / DM me on insta @martinwfitness


Welcome to Yogacara, a yoga studio in the heart of Whistler Village. Feel the warmth of connection and community in our small classes. This intention allows you to receive the attention you deserve with skilled and compassionate teachers. In addition to public classes, we offer Thai massage, reiki, workshops, and yoga teacher training. Find out more at

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