Reduce your footprint, improve your health, help others…and eat delicious food! We are here to help you find tasty vegan options in Whistler, and meet fellow vegans and veg-curious people.

During non-COVID times we have vegan potlucks and also do vegan dine-outs and other meet-ups. You can view our events by clicking here to see our Facebook events page.

We hope that you will find our restaurant list helpful and if you have any questions on where to eat, feel free to get in touch.

You can also follow our Facebook page for updates and join the Whistler Vegans facebook group to connect with like minded people in Whistler.

We look forward to meeting you!

A reduction in meat consumption is probably the most potent single act individuals can take in the effort to halt the destruction of the environment and preserve our precious resources. Reducing meat consumption conserves water, saves energy, preserves top soil, reduces our dependence on chemical pesticides and fertilizers, and protects forests. All this while improving our health.”  John Robbins, Founder of Earthsave International

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