Top 12 locals’ picks for vegan eats in Whistler in 2016!

We’re often asked in our Whistler Vegans Facebook group where the best places to eat vegan in Whistler are. Whistler definitely has some stand out gems for vegan food, but other than those it can be hard to find places to eat.

So I asked the locals to vote for their favourites, and here they are!


  1. The Green Moustache – One visit and you’ll know why this is the locals’ favourite!  95% vegan and 100% organic juice bar and café with juice, smoothies, salad bowls, soup, desserts and more!  Our review
  2. Tandoori Grill – Open the menu and what’s the first thing you see? The veggie and vegan dishes!  We love Tandoori not just because the food is delicious, but because the owner is vegetarian and they are always so accomodating for vegans and make us feel welcome. Our review
  3. Samurai Sushi – With two locations in Whistler this casual sushi café has a ton of options for vegans and vegetarian options which are clearly marked on the menu, making them even more awesome. Clearly I need to go again so I can write a review!
  4. Stonesedge Kitchen – We love that Stonesedge caters so well to vegans and marks their many vegan items clearly on the menu!  They are also participated in our  Vegan Dessert Challenge and are keeping the dessert on the menu for winter, which makes us love them even more. Our review
  5. Alta Bistro – The chef at Alta Bistro is a regular at our vegan potlucks and has been working hard to ensure there is always at least one (delicious!) vegan item on the menu (ask because they are not marked yet). High quality, gourmet vegan dining. Our (most recent) review
  6. Raven’s Nest – We love Raven’s Nest so much it part because it’s run by our incredibly compassionate and dedicated friend, Kristine. Serving delicous vegan comfort food this gem, located on Whistler Mountain, is an absolute treat and well worth the gondola ride to get there. Our (most recent) review
  7. Creekbread – Creekbread and Misty  Mountain Pizza are the only pizza places in town that have a vegan pizza on their menu! Creekbread also focuses on organic and local and has a stellar vegan-friendly salad as well.
  8. Ingrid’s – Located in the heart of the village this deli has a number of tasty vegan sandwich options, as well as vegan baked goods.
  9. La Cantina – Little sister to The Mexican Corner, La Cantina offers casual Mexican food with a number of vegan options on the menu.
  10. Gone Eatery – Not the easiest to find, but well worth it once you do!  Serves one of the best vegan breakfasts in town as well as lunch options such as the Vegan Bowl and Vegan Pad Thai.  Also has vegan baked goods some of the time. Our review
  11. Olives Community Market – Olives is an organic grocery store in Function Junction, that has some of the most amazing vegan desserts you will find in Whistler! A great place for getting good quality, organic veggies.
  12. Naked Sprout – Last, but definitely not least, is Naked Sprout!  Almost all vegetarian other than the tuna, Naked Sprout café has some vegan lunch options, as well as smoothies, juices and incredible desserts made by Solfeggio.

Notable mention is Aura at Nita Lake Lodge, as they have vegan options on the menu, including a vegan dessert for this coming winter!



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