Movie Night! ‘Food Choices’ playing at Whistler Library on Tuesday, September 6th

Where do you get your protein?

Where do you get your calcium?

Won’t I be hungry all the time?

What about paleo? I’m confused…!

With the plant-based diet becoming more and more popular as it’s benefits to health and the environment become more widely known, people often have a lot of questions about making the switch.

In the news recently were the results of the largest study to examine the effects of different sources of dietary protein. The study found that a high intake of proteins from animal sources — particularly processed and unprocessed red meats — was associated with a higher mortality rate, while a high intake of protein from plant sources was associated with a lower risk of death.*

Award-winning filmmaker Michal Siewierski became inspired to make the documentary Food Choices after experiencing great health benefits from adopting a plant-based diet.  In his 3-year journey of making this film, Michal interviewed 35 experts across the US from several fields, including medicine, biochemistry, nutrition, environment, sports, alternative medicine and many others to explore the connection between food choices and our health, as well as the health of the planet.

The documentary features amazing stores of people who experience incredible health benefits after adopting a healthy plant-based diet, and answers the common questions people have about this way of eating. The goal of the film is to raise awareness and empower people with information that is often not exposed in mainstream media.

The documentary covers:

  • The history and origins of food choices
  • What is the best diet for human beings
  • The health risks associated with the consumption of animal foods
  • The benefits of a plant based diet
  • Misconceptions about proteins, carbs, calcium and omega 3 fatty acids
  • The pros and cons of supplements
  • Obesity and other chronic diseases
  • Interviews with world-renowned experts from several fields
  • How the current medical system is unaware about nutrition and disease prevention though diet
  • Healing through diet
  • The connection between food choices and the environment

The project also has an altruistic element as 10% of the proceeds from each download or streaming purchase goes to charity.

Event details:

– 7pm, Tuesday, September 6th, at Whistler Public Library
– Admission is by donation (please arrive early as seats cannot be reserved in advance)
– Trailer & website
– Event co-sponsored by Earthsave Whistler and Whistler Public Library

*Results from the study — which analyzed data from two long-term epidemiologic studies — appears in the August 1 issue of JAMA Internal Medicine. –

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  1. this looks awesome, I want to go!!!! 🙂

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