Best news EVER!!! WAG K9 Wine & Dine event to be vegan this year!

I just heard this AMAZING news and it has literally made me the happiest person alive!!!

Our wonderful local animal shelter, Whistler Animals Galore, has decided to make their large, annual fundraiser VEGAN!

This is a HUGE step for animals and is an incredible way to speak up for those animals who need our voices the most, the animals who are usually overlooked or dismissed because of our cultural conditioning, but who feel pain, fear and suffering just as much as our dearly loved dogs and cats.

Our culture is slowly, but surely, shifting to widen our circle of compassion to include all animals and it is fantastic to see WAG take this step and be such a progressive and compassionate organisation in our community.


Here is the statement on their event page:

In an effort to align with WAG’s goal of helping our community make animal welfare possible for everyone, we are delighted to announce a vegan menu for human guests this year.   Avoiding animal products is one of the most obvious ways you can take a stand against animal cruelty and animal exploitation everywhere.  Proceeds from the K9 Wine & Dine will go directly back into funding WAG’s efforts in the Sea to Sky area.”

Tickets are on sale now and if you purchase before June 15th you can save up to $50 on the ticket price. Humans are welcome to come, with or without dogs!  It’s such a fun event for everyone and I highly recommend going.

Let’s support this great event and wonderful step forward by WAG. Let’s help make this event the best they’ve ever had!

A number of us from the Earthsave Whistler/Whistler Vegans group will be going so please join us if you would like to and we’ll all sit together.

Buy your tickets here 

(save up to $50 if you buy before June 15th)

Thank you WAG!  You are amazing!!!

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1 Comment on Best news EVER!!! WAG K9 Wine & Dine event to be vegan this year!

  1. Incredible, I am SO EXCITED!! (“…jumpin up and down…”)

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