Crabapple Café in Squamish adds a Meatless Monday vegan menu!

We love to hear of restaurants supporting Meatless Mondays!  The Crabapple Café in Squamish (45 mins south of Whistler) has introduced a Meatless Monday 3 course menu which is entirely vegan, and the food looks amazing! You can also order vegan options other days of the week.

The restaurant also has a Whistler connection as one of their chefs, Ethan Henderson, worked at Raven’s Nest this winter.

We’re looking forward to making the trip down to Squamish to try this new meatless Monday menu! Keep an eye out in the Whistler Vegans Facebook group or our Earthsave Facebook page for details of a dine-out.

(Menu changes every week.)




They also some vegan items on their regular menu, including this delicious Garden Hash for breakfast and the day I went there was an incredibly good vegan cheesecake too!

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