March Vegan Potluck

A big thank you to Karen for hosting last night’s potluck and thank you to everyone for coming!

Sometimes our potlucks end up with more desserts than main dishes, and this was the case last night! Chocolate ice cream, coconut ice cream, chocolate brownie, chocolate chip cookie dough balls, lemon coconut balls, apple and pear crumble, banana bread…

Quite the delicious potluck!

Karen actually has her own beautiful vegan blog, Gone Deliciously Vegan, where you can find her tasty banana bread recipe too.

If anyone would like to host the April potluck please let me know at

The next vegan potluck is hosted by Loka Yoga and is next Sunday, March 20th. Click here for details.

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1 Comment on March Vegan Potluck

  1. It was awesome, loved hosting it! Would like to do that again!!! And yes, amazing food!!

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