Vegan Options at Stonesedge

Quinoa Burrito Bowl. Photo Joern Rohde/

Tucked away off the village stroll, Stonesedge is worth finding as it has some delicious vegan options on the menu and also has a great patio seating area – perfect for those sunny spring and summer days!

Billed as ‘Wholesome Comfort Food’ Stonesedge includes on it’s menu 3 main meals that are vegan – a Veggie Burger, A Hot Hot Noodle Bowl and a Quinoa Burrito Bowl, complete with crispy kale and cashew cream! They also have delicious warm olives as a vegan starter option, and a vegan house salad. There are a range of vegan sides as well, including crispy tofu. You can view the menus here.

If you arrange a group dinner in advance you may also be able to request a vegan dessert. We have done this in the past and they have served us an absolutely delightful vegan chocolate avocado mousse on a raw vegan chocolate brownie! The regular dessert option is Lucia Gelato, some of which is vegan so check with the server to see if they have any flavours that day that are vegan.

Stonesedge is a popular choice with the local vegans in Whistler and one that is always recommended when people ask in our Whistler Vegans group where to eat.

Hot Hot Hot Noodle Bowl

Hot Hot Noodle Bowl. Photo Joern Rohde/


Hot Hot Noodle Bowl. Photo Joern Rohde/

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Quinoa Burrito Bowl. Photo Joern Rohde/


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  1. This looks totally amazing!! looking forward to going here!!

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