Tandoori Grill shows the vegan love!

Tandoori Grill has revamped their menu and not only do they now specify the vegan options on the menu, they made their vegetarian/vegan options the first thing you see when you open the menu!

The owner of the Tandoori Grill, Naresh, is vegetarian and heΒ loves welcoming vegans. He sometimes even gets a special vegan dish made for you that is not on the menu. He’s a really nice person and we love to support his restaurant.

There are 6 main dishes on the menu that are vegan and the onion bhajis, vegetable pakoras and roti are vegan too.

We highly recommend the Tandoori Grill for a delicious vegan meal. It’s located on Main Street above Dominos Pizza.

(Apologies for the poor quality photos. Β It’s time I got a better camera!)


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