February Vegan Potluck

Thanks to Mike for hosting last night’s potluck!  Good times, good food!

In Whistler we have monthly vegan potlucks hosted at someone’s house. Everyone is welcome to come and you do not have to be vegan or local. In fact, most people who come aren’t vegan, they just enjoy spending time with nice people and eating delicious food.

Subscribe to events on our Earthsave Whistler Facebook page if you’d like to keep informed about upcoming potlucks.

Loka Yoga Whistler also hosts monthly vegan potlucks and details of those are on their Loka Yoga Facebook page.


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For animals. For people. For the planet.

2 Comments on February Vegan Potluck

  1. Your potluck looks so cozy and friendly! It looks like you all are doing great work for the environment and wildlife.

  2. What a cool idea (the party and the earth-saving)! I had the most delicious vegan lentil soup recently made by guests at a potluck party at my house – click if you’re interested -http://glovergardens.com/2016/02/21/pot-luck-perfect-in-the-moment-lentil-soup/ . It was so rich and flavorful it was hard to believe it was vegan.

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