A few wise words from a good friend.

Celebrate all mothers

A good friend of mine recently adopted a plant-based diet, not just for his health, but for compassion for animals and others that inhabit this world.  As he learnt more about the impacts our food choices have on others, his resolve only strengthened.

Today is Mother’s Day, when we celebrate and thank our mothers for all that they have done for us.  This Mother’s Day let’s extend our consideration to all mothers, especially those ‘food’ animal mothers who endure so much for the sake of humans.

A few weeks back my friend was inspired to share with me some of his thoughts, and I wanted to share them with you. Thank you, Brad, for all that you do for others and for sharing your wise words with us:

“Our purpose in life is not to duplicate what animals do. Not to replicate their behaviors. Our purpose is beyond that. We are a species that is far greater and our purpose begins where their limitations have been reached. We have to evolve beyond eating animals to survive. Hunting and killing is the only way for some animals to survive. Humans are far more intellectual and capable. We learn from their behaviors and evolve to a much greater level. We can build a life which is sustainable and far greater than one with a dependency on animals for food. We need to use the gifts and tools that only humans possess. Build a future, build a life which is much greater than where we are today. Until we realize our purpose and capabilities, we will not evolve to our potential.” – Brad Meraly

Learn more about what you can do to help mothers at cowribbon.com.

~Hayley Ingman, 05/13/12

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