Forget New Year’s resolutions, make MOGO choices year round!


It is common practice at this time of year to resolve to make improvements in the way we live our lives. Whether it is eating more healthily, exercising more or spending more time with family, we often come up with something we would like to do better. But why limit this resolve to the start of the New Year? Let’s choose to do things better every time that we can. Let’s resolve to make MOGO choices all the time!

What are MOGO choices you ask?  The term was coined by Zoe Weil, founder of the Institute for Humane Education and is “short for ‘most good,’ a quick way of considering what will do the most good and the least harm to yourself, other people, other species, and the environment.”

So how do we go about making MOGO choices and where do we start?

Making better choices can be seen as a journey, as we are always learning along the way. Each time you are about to act ask yourself how you will be impacted, and how others will be impacted, by what you choose to do.  Take for example, food (as it is our favourite topic!).  When you pick up a product in the grocery store, consider whether you could choose an alternative item that does not cause any animal or human suffering, one that minimizes impact on the environment, or one that is better for your health.

It may take a little time at first as you will find yourself considering the impacts of each and every item that you purchase, and you may find you need to do some research to learn what the impacts are.  And remember to also consider the impacts of other purchases such as clothing, cosmetics, household items etc, as well as other actions in your every day lives.  It may sound like a lot to think about, but it gets easier, and knowing that you are doing what you can to do the ‘most good and least harm’ makes it all worth the effort.

With every action that we take, we can consider the effects on others. We can make that decision to choose the course of action that benefits others, even if it’s something as simple as opting for the cruelty-free shampoo, walking a dog from the local animal shelter or inviting friends over for a plant-based dinner to show them how delicious MOGO food can be!

For more inspiration watch Zoe’s Tedx talk on her website or purchase her book, “Most Good, Least Harm”, which is available in Whistler at Armchair Books.


~Hayley Ingman, 03/17/12

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