Great turnout for Whistler’s Forks Over Knives screening

Research findings shared in Forks Over Knives

We were absolutely thrilled at the turnout and response to the Forks Over Knives Movie screening at the library last week and would like to thank everyone again for coming.  It was great to see that so many Whistlerites care about their health and the impacts of their food choices.  We would like to sincerely apologise to those who were unable to get into the screening due to the room being at capacity. We have partnered with Whistler Public Library again to bring you a second screening on December 12th at 7pm. Please arrive early as capacity is limited to 50.

UFC Fighter Mac Danzig proves that plants build muscle

Feedback after the movie was fantastic, including tweets from our very own Whistler mayor, “Earthsave Whistler held viewing of Forks Over Knives.  Whole foods diet could save billions in health care costs.  Thanks Hayley and Jennie” and local Kristy Mitchell, “Free screening of Forks Over Knives at Whistler Library tonight was GREAT! An amazing documentary, watch it if you can.  Rethinking meat.

But there wasn’t just one screening of Forks Over Knives last week, there was TWO!  The Whistler Fire Hall held their own screening as part of their health eduction evenings. Whistler nutritionist Tracy Higgs held a question and answer period after the movie and backed up the research in the movie with her own expert knowledge, giving the firefighters tips on which foods to eat more of and which to replace with healthier alternatives.

The movie explains why we seek foods high in fat and salt.

If you saw the movie and were inspired by it’s message then come along to our next plant-based potluck dinner on November 28th.  More details can be found at Everyone welcome, no matter what your dietary preferences are.

Thanks again to Whistler Public Library for kindly donating the room for the screening, and to our door prize donors Loka Yoga, Fruv Freedomwear, Mila, Alta Bistro and Actual Organics.

Note: Tracy Higgs is available to assist anyone seeking to make changes in their diet.  She works in Nester’s Wellness section and can be reached at 604 932 3545, ext 322 or at

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2 Comments on Great turnout for Whistler’s Forks Over Knives screening

  1. This was great! I work at the Starbucks and a regular customer who always gets diary based products ordered soy subs to her regular beverages for her kid and herself. When I asked if she is changing to diary-free diet, she admitted that after watching Forks over Knifes they decided as a whole family to go vegetarian and stop consuming milk. You should be really happy to have such impact on our community. As a vegetarian I really admire your work and am transitioning to become vegan myself. You really are making a change! Thank you again!

  2. That is AWESOME! Thank you so much for letting us know and for your kind comments. We’re stoked to hear how much people enjoyed the movie and that they were inspired to make changes. Here’s to a healthy, happy community!

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