Alta Bistro presents an exquisite Meatless Monday

Alta Bistro

Whistler’s environmental footprint was a little lighter last night, when 23 Whistler residents gathered at local restaurant Alta Bistro for Whistler’s first Meatless Monday.  Research has found that eating vegetarian one day a week can have a greater impact than buying all your food locally.  The exquisite four-course meal served by Alta Bistro was both local and 100% plant-based, therefore achieving excellent scores not just for taste, but also sustainability.

Alta Bistro’s chef is not only very talented, he clearly takes a great deal of pride in his work. Beautifully presented dishes showcased his artistry, and the care and attention that had gone into creating and preparing them.  Fresh, organic vegetables, fruits and pulses were combined into a heavenly array of delightful flavours and it was apparent that the chef enjoyed Meatless Monday as much as we did.

Carrot and cilantro soup

Carrot and cilantro soup, with lemongrass and coconut.   P: Garry Choo

Beluga lentil salad

Beluga lentil salad with a ceviche of Pemberton vegetables.   P: Garry Choo

Barley stuffed swiss chard.

Barley stuffed swiss chard with chick peas, roasted beet and a caramalized onion, apple and beer sauce.   P: Garry Choo

Fruit salad with edible flowers

To finish, as a gift from Alta Bistro to say thank you, a fruit salad with edible flowers and a house made mint, lemon, lime sorbet.   P: Garry Choo

We were thrilled with how successful the evening was and would like to warmly thank Alta Bistro and everyone who came out to make it such a fantastic evening, and bring the first ever Meatless Monday to Whistler.

If you missed out then don’t worry, because Meatless Mondays will continue at Alta Bistro with a plant-based (vegan) special every Monday night, or other nights upon request.  We highly recommend a visit!  To make a reservation visit

Special thanks also goes to Garry Choo for the photography.

~Hayley Ingman, 07/27/11

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